For Veterinarians

What we do:

Our radiologist performs thorough ultrasound examinations on-site.  We bring our state-of-the-art equipment into your facility, effectively adding a radiologist to your practice when you need it! This allows you to maintain an uninterrupted workflow while remaining a primary partner in the diagnostic process.

Gain a professional advantage by making the most informed clinical decisions for your patients, all while preserving the continuity of care you desire and offering your clients unmatched convenience.  With each examination you can count on a prompt, comprehensive report, which allows you to formulate the most effective treatment plan.

At Cypress Veterinary Imaging, we specialize in supporting your practice by:

  • conveniently performing ultrasounds within your facility
  • allowing you to continue your normal workday and appointment schedule thereby improving efficiency
  • providing thorough ultrasounds with comprehensive reports
  • correlating ultrasound results with radiographic examinations
  • offering recommendations to help guide treatment plans
  • enabling you to preserve continuity of care for your patients and communication with your clients
  • instilling client confidence in you!


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We work closely with you to maximize your diagnostic potential and provide the best possible care to the pets of Charleston!!